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Accounting Services

Accounting  Services For Your Business

Inventh offers a powerful blend of GAAP-compliant bookkeeping, advanced transactional accounting, and revenue-driven fiscal management. Utilizing cutting-edge software and technology, we streamline the audit-to-report process for our clients. Our expertise ensures meticulous management of your financial records, while tailored solutions optimize revenue streams and maximize profitability. With real-time insights and seamless integration, our services enhance efficiency and accuracy at every step. At Inventh, we leverage the latest software and technology to streamline your financial processes. Through the use of cutting-edge tools, including industry-leading software solutions, we provide you with real-time insights and seamless integration across your financial systems. This ensures efficiency and accuracy at every step of the way. From initial preparation to final reporting, we handle the entire process with diligence and expertise, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Partner with Inventh and experience the difference that our comprehensive financial services can make for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your financial needs and help you achieve your goals.


Outsourced finance and accounting services

At Inventh, we understand the challenges that small businesses face when managing their accounting function. That’s why we offer full- or part-time outsourced professionals to support your specific needs, whether it’s handling day-to-day transactions, scaling your back-office operations, or providing strategic financial management. We are committed to addressing what matters most to you:

Staff Accounting Support: Transactional support including accounts receivable, accounts payable, monthly bank, credit card, and account reconciliations, payroll processing, reporting, and human capital management, sales tax compliance assistance, and month-end close assistance.

Controller-Level Guidance: We offer fund administration, finance, and accounting support, assist with accounting software selection and implementation, tackle complex accounting issues, prepare for audits, manage budgeting, forecasting, and projections, handle business income tax management, and implement monthly financial close and process improvements.

CFO-Level Insights: Our team provides financial executive experience and assists with bank financing and investor meeting preparation, cash flow management and projections, global advisory services, contract assessment, financial, business, and strategic planning and implementation, transitions management (e.g., medical leave, IPO, business integration, or leadership succession), key metric benchmarking and trend analysis, and management of finance infrastructure. Partner with Inventh and benefit from the expertise of professionals who have walked a mile in your shoes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your financial needs and drive your business forward.



Leveraging Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline internal processes and enhance efficiency.

Timely Financial Reporting

We improve the timeliness and clarity of financial reporting, providing you with actionable insights when you need them.

Compliance Expertise

We updated with constantly changing compliance issues, ensuring that your business remains compliant with regulations.

Informed Decision-Making

By providing timely and reliable financial information, we empower you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Flexible Cost Structure

We help turn your back office from a fixed cost to a variable cost, offering cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget.


 We ensure accurate and compliant financial and tax records and strategic planning that moves you closer to your goals, keeping you one step ahead of the obstacles


For Companies with Internal Accounting Staff

Having an outsourced accounting team doesn’t mean replacing your internal team. Some businesses worry that having a bookkeeper or a small accounting team internally might hinder working with an outsourced accounting firm. On the contrary, we value partnering with your internal staff and strive to support them through collaborative teamwork and top-notch financial management.

Businesses To Outsource the entire accounting department

Inventh offers a dedicated team of seasoned financial experts to each client, serving as their complete accounting department. Our Inventh teams consist of a CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, and Staff Accountant. Weekly reports ensure thorough communication with stakeholders, fostering comprehensive financial transparency.

Accounting Services


Companies opt for outsourcing for various reasons, ranging from mitigating the risks associated with employee turnover to avoiding the costs of expanding their in-house teams. Additionally, outsourcing enables businesses to access specialized expertise that may be beyond their budget otherwise. By outsourcing, companies can concentrate on enhancing their overall performance by leveraging financial data and reports to gauge their business’s actual performance.

At Inventh, an outsourced accounting company, we collaborate closely with businesses to comprehend their objectives. Our dedicated outsourced teams are committed to providing tailored accounting solutions aligned with your unique needs and aspirations.




At Inventh, we’re committed to boosting your financial performance and fostering sustainable growth. Our tailored monthly financial package provides valuable insights for informed decision-making. Our expert team offers personalized guidance to leverage this information effectively, empowering you to seize new opportunities for success.


At Inventh, we offer tailored accounting support to meet your needs. Whether you need a full internal department or gap filling in your team, we provide expertise and confidence in reporting. We seamlessly integrate with your team, managing transactions, reconciling accounts, and preparing reliable reports. With Inventh, your financial processes are secure. Contact us today for support driving your success.


At Inventh, we prioritize security and accountability in financial operations. Our dedicated four-person accounting team offers added protection against fraud and robust internal controls. By outsourcing your accounting needs, you minimize the risk of fraud and improve accountability. We work closely with you to implement strong internal controls, ensuring accurate and secure financial data.


At Inventh, we ensure unparalleled accuracy in financial management through collaborative teamwork. Expect increased valuation, optimized taxes, improved margins, reduced audit risk, and confidence in numbers. Partner with us for financial success.

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