Four myths regarding Mobile Applications

Adding more features make an app popular.

Many of us think that a feature-rich mobile app is the ideal one to get noticed in the app market. The key to success for any mobile app is to set its position in market by focusing on a target set of users.  The following are the significant points in the mobile app development that enable its worth than its features.

  1. The app should identify a user’s problem and give a solution to resolve the problem.
  2. The app should be able to provide the user with tangible benefits through better productivity, reduced cost and provide the better user experience.

Inventh Mobile app developmentNo need to work on apps once placed in the marketplace

Beta launching helps to get the right feedback from the users.  Beta launch helps to define target customers, Identify the goal and eliminate bugs. The following has to be done consistently for the great performance of the apps. The product is deployed after the beta test is finished this ensures that the apps are stable in the real user environment. Introducing right measurement techniques and metrics will ensure the up keeping of the app.  The funnel analysis, demographic analysis, the social sharing, the usage time and user behavior signifies and reaffirms the improvements in the app for better usability. Based the on the metrics and feedbacks the apps should be upgraded with better features and improvements. This is followed by the right marketing techniques to promote the app.

Pay to download apps are more result oriented

Paid Apps obviously result in higher average revenue per download and have a higher perceived value with user loyalty to apps. The paid apps work for a customer who has a large customer/follower base.

inventh mobile develeopment technology

The free apps work for a business who wants to build their brand image. They receive more downloads and ratings than paid apps and has low user expectations. Though the revenues are not guaranteed free apps can be used for monetization.

 Development approach doesn’t matter at all (Native, Web, Hybrid)


Inventh Mobile App Development

 The development approach is the key to building the stable apps. The right development approach has to be chosen depending on the complexity of the apps.   Native apps can deliver more user experience through the development time and costs are high. Also, it needs high skills and knowledge to develop native apps.  The web apps are less powerful than native apps and work on HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript codes and are the cheapest of all the approaches.  The hybrid approach combines prebuilt native containers with on-the-fly web coding and delivers a combination of Native apps and web apps approach.


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