A good harmony always brings in the ‘Success’

In Software development Process, there is always a clash between developers and Testers.Developers may experience feelings of frustration, anger, and bitterness whenever they have to face the testers and their bug reports.  If the level of understanding between the testers and developers is insufficient, they may start thinking the testers are troublemakers, and vice versa.

Naturally, when someone criticizes your hard work, no one likes it.When there is a debate, as to fix or not fix a bug, the debate between developers and testers can get nasty. Hence, there is bound to be some level of discomfort between the developer and the tester. It always better to understand, that the aim of testing is not to make the lives of developers difficult and vice versa, by both the developers and the testers, but to work together for a releasing a high-quality S/W to clients.

Sharing is a two-way process. Both the sides need to share equally, transparently and openly. The development team needs to share the customer requirements, business rules, relevant documents, design plan, coding, a system built. On the other hand, the tester needs to share his observations on all these, and the results of his testing. Share problems, thoughts, and success together.Tester is a bridge between developer and customer for the purpose of smooth and defect-free delivery of product to the customer.Always remember that you have joined hands to achieve a common goal.

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