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Every enterprise system implementation is a learning experience.

We all know that two people will fall in Love with each other if the right ‘chemistry’ exists between them! Similarly, any system implementation will be a cakewalk if the right chemistry exists between the people & the processes, and…
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Inventh Digital Transformation

A good harmony always brings in the ‘Success’

In Software development Process, there is always a clash between developers and Testers.Developers may experience feelings of frustration, anger, and bitterness whenever they have to face the testers and their bug reports.  If the level of understanding between the testers…
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7 Benefits of Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

Modern global market is highly competitive whereby companies give finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) serious prioritization in order to have their internal F&A functions standardized, streamlined and fully functional. The benefits of outsourcing are predominantly in  cost reduction, increased revenue…
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