Accounts Payables Services

Accounts payables Services (AP) has evolved from a tactical, transaction-focused process to a strategic business function that optimizes working capital, enables greater savings for the business and helps improve supplier relationships. As organizations strive towards higher profitability, the AP function becomes a key contributor towards working capitalization, optimization and generating cash savings. An efficient AP system not only ensures accurate and timely payments, it also helps build strong relationships with vendors. Our accounts AP offers clients best in class performance and costs by facilitating smooth transactions and optimized payable processes.

From invoice receipt, scanning and processing to exception management and payment reconciliation, Inventh’s end-to-end AP outsourcing services help procurement teams streamline the payment part of their procure-to-pay operations, delivering not just improved compliance and faster cycle times but also enabling value-adds, such as dynamic discounting and optimized batch payments.

Accounts Payables Services includes

  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice receipt and imaging
  • Exception handling
  • Employee travel and expense processing
  • Utility bill management
  • Travel and expenses processing
  • Tax reporting
  • Supplier management
  • Special projects reports
  • Customer service

Accounts Payables Services Process

Accounts Payables Services

Accounts Payables Services Benefits

Accounts Payables Services
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